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Eco-Rail 1500VA

Eco-Rail 1500VA

Class II Hybrid FSP Transformer

Field of application

Functional Supply Point Transformers for use on Network Rail CLASS II  &  LEGACY Signalling Systems.



A new generation of Green Ultra efficient railway transformers through innovation and design eco-Rail®  transformers reduce significantly the amount of energy used and CO2 produced when compared to all existing Class II Hybrid signalling transformers which produce a significant amount of wasted energy in both a loaded and unloaded state. 

eco-Rail® transformers are a valuable tool and short answer to GRIP stage designers and RAMS where reducing the energy consumption, carbon emissions and overall environmental impact within the signalling system are a consideration within the design. 

eco-Rail® transformers exceed the requirements set out within the NR standards and outperform all other alternative products available today at a competitive price. Designed to be Legacy system compatible, offer low inrush and high voltage withstand properties along with providing multiple zone cable entry and offering the safest and most efficient user friendly installation process available today eco-rail is ticking all the boxes for existing and future signalling system requirements. 

eco-Rail® transformers are designed to be non serviceable & maintenance free with a mean time to failure of 1 million hours operating service contributing heavily toward the efficiency challenges set out for CP5

We believe that our transformers offer functional, tangible benefits to the rail signalling system without compromise and are setting the standard for future signalling transformer requirements.


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