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Heat Treatment Transformers

A robust range of heat treatment transformers - Enclosures are manufactured to specific customer requirements.

Field of application

Class H Heat Treatment Transformers - ATL Transformers specialise in designing and manufacturing transformers for the heat treatment industry.

We can design and manufacture the transformer enclosure for your exact requirements.



These units have been designed specifically for the heat treatment industry and have been predominantly supplied by ATL to manufacturers of heat treatment equipment for over 25 years.

These transformers are designed for an 80% duty cycle and are manufactured with vertical cooling ducts within the coil windings. Chimney ventilation within the transformer clamps and other design features specific to ATL prevents any localised heating reducing the overall temperature rise of our transformers.

 All of the transformers within this range are complete with 160 DegC motor protection devices per phase.

All of our transformers once fully assembled are exposed to a fully immersed impregnation in a clear class H varnish for 1 hour prior to a 5 hour bake cycle in our specialist ovens  enabling the varnish to comprehensively penetrate the windings and insulations reducing vibration in the coils and core as well as reinforcing the insulation integrity. Insufficient impregnation of large transformers ultimately reduces the life span significantly, on larger transformers over 200KVA the cores may be exposed to a red or black anti-tracking varnish which is painted on to the surface however this is not sufficient for the windings which will always be exposed to a fully immersed and baked impregnation as detailed above. 

Multiple primary and secondary voltages are available and all come complete with tap changing facility. Multiple termination options for the primary and secondary windings are available along with customer specific fixing centres please specify at enquiry stage.