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Transformer Safety Standards

Transformer Standards EN61558-1

The old VDE 0550 and VDE 0551 transformer standards do not exist anymore. The previous EN 60742 (VDE 0551) transformer standards is outdated now also.
The up-to-date standards for transformers are now BS EN 61558 IEC 61558 (VDE 0570). Part 1 of the standard explains general requirements and tests. Part 2 lists special transformer types like safety isolating transformers (part 2-6) or SMPS transformers (part2-17) a separate standard, which still has a connection to part 1, for general requirements.


European standards for transformers


EN 61558-1

Safety of transformers

(VDE 0570 Teil 1)

General requirements and tests



EN 61558-2-4

Particular requirements on isolating transformers

(VDE 0570 Teil 2-4)

for general use



EN 61558-2-6

Particular requirements on safety isolating transformers

(VDE 0570 Teil 2-6)

for general use



EN 61558-2-17

Particular requirements on transformers

(VDE 0570 Teil 2-17)

for switch mode power supplies


Other European standards


DIN EN 50020

Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres

VDE 0170/0171



Safety of electrically energized office machines

VDE 0806


DIN IEC 65 EN 60065

Safety requirements on mains operated electronic and related apparatus for

VDE 0860

household and similar general use


Safety of medical equipment

VDE 0750


DIN EN 61010

Safety requirements on electrical equipment for measurement, control and

VDE 0411

laboratory use

DIN EN 60950

Safety of information technology equipment including office machines

VDE 0805



UL (Underwriter Laboratory, USA) standard


UL 506

Special Transformers

UL 544

Medical and  Dental Equipment

UL 131

Direct Plug-in  Transformers

UL 1585

Class 2 and  3 Transformers


ATL Transformers can produce transformers with UL and or CSA (Canadian standards) approved materials and on demand will send a chart with the materials used.